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  Building A Floor Plans (563 K)
  Building B Floor Plans (216 K)
  Building C Floor Plans (211 K)
  Building D Floor Plans (210 K)
  Building E Floor Plans (212 K)
  Articles of Incorporation (724 K)
  Association Budget - Draft (16.8 K)
  Bylaws (1.26 MB)
  CC&R (3.19 MB)
  CC&R 1st Amendment (172 K)
  Certificate of Occupancy (212 K)
  Condo Plan (2.54 MB)
  Environmental Site Assessment (7.86 MB)
  Environmental Update Part A May 2007 (7 MB)
  Environmental Update Part B May 2007 (3.01 MB)
  Parking Plan (788 K)
  Premliniary Title Report (122 K)
  Reciprocal Easements Agreement (818 K)
  Standard Finish Schedule (34.3 K)
  Standard Sign Program (714 K)
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